A Medical Experience (II) – My recovery 精选

A Medical Experience (II) – My recovery 精选

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In my earlier article “ A Medical Experience http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=1565&do=blog&id=498254”I described my recent major surgery. It has now been six weeks since the operation. My surgeon yesterday just declared that the operation was a complete success with excellent prognosis. Thus, I am considered to be “cured”. What have I learned from this experience?

1.      I have not completely re-gained all my strength.I can do about 70% of my exercise routine but not the “sit-up or belly crunch”exercise for obvious reasons.

2.      So far, I have not received all my hospital bills. But the amount will be well in excess of US$60,000  of which I am responsible for only $200.00 thanks to health insurance.

3.      It is heart-warming to receive get well wishes and gifts from all over the world –  mostly from former students and my Chinesecolleagues.

4.      It is good thing that I am retired. Thus, there is absolutely no stress/pressure to “catch up” with  anything during recovery

5.      Speaking about modern medicine, I am continuously being impressed. Currently ( some for the past  ten years) I have been taking six different kinds of prescription pills daily for

a.      High blood pressure (two different kinds)

b.     High cholesterol

c.      Triglyceride

d.     Acid reflux disease

e.     Gout

These pills, I have no doubt, kept me alive and let me lead a more or less normal life. 20-30 years ago, this would nothave been possible.

6.      I’ll need another colonoscopy early next yearjust to check. But currently the  doctors consider I am free of any cancerous cells and no chemo or radiation therapies are needed.  Yes, I am a lucky guy! (Note added 2/13/2012: Last week my five months follow-up colonoscopy report came back. It was entirely normal and no further  complications. Next check up three years from now.  How lucky can one get!)

7.      I am now leading as normal a retired life aspossible.

8.      I thank everyone, including readers of my blog for their best wishes. God and fate willing, I’ll try to continue my writing so ong as there are things worthwhile to say.



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